Doctor of Education, majored in Curriculum and Instruction with specialization in technology. My dissertation advisors were Dr. Glenda Gunter and Dr. Marcella  Kysilka whose patience was greatly appreciated.  Graduated August 5, 2000


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I. Prerequisites
EDG 6223 Curriculum Theory
EDF 6481 Fundamentals of Grad Research
EDF 6401 Statistics of Ed Data

EDF 7232 Anal Learning Theory
EDG 7221 Advanced Curriculum Theory
EDG 7356 Models of Teaching
EDG 7692 Issues in Curriculum. & Instruction

III. Specialization
Egn 4814 History of Technology
Com 6121 Communication Mgt.
EXP 5445 Psychology of Learn. & Motivation.

Curriculum and Instruction
EME 6613 Inst Systems Design
EME 6457 Distance Ed.
EME 6936 App of Com as Ed Tool
EME 6063 Research in Instructional Tech.
EME 6313 Media Systems Design
EME 5052 Electronic Resources for Ed

Ed Leadership/Ed Fundamentals
EDF 6608 Social Factors in American Education
EDF 6432 Measurement & Evaluation
EDA 6502 Org. & Admin. Instruct. Prog.
EDA 6260 Ed. Systems Planning & Management
EDA 6130 Ed Supervisory Techniques
ESE 6416 Curriculum. Development

IV. Research/Stats
EDF 7463 Analysis of: Qualitative Data
EDF 7403 Quantitative Foundations of Res.

V. Dissertation
EDG 7980