Donald F. Spencer

Educational Philosophy and Practice


My educational philosophy has evolved from a basic belief that I am in my classroom to help each individual succeed in the class and in life.  In order to do this, I must stay abreast of the latest effective strategies and effective tools in education. 


Current research is shedding more light on the construction of effective instruction.  I use this research to construct my lessons.  I teach for understanding.  This requires me to use performance-based standards whenever possible.  I map and align my curriculum to implement effective lessons.  This allows me to collaborate with other teachers to create authentic, interdisciplinary lessons.


It is my belief that I must stay abreast of the most current research in pedagogy and technology.  Technology provides new mind tools for education.  I use technology to provide tools that are appropriate to the strategy I have chosen.  


My educational philosophy is based on many years as an educator and study that has resulted in my degree of Doctor of Education.  I spend a great deal of effort in planning the structure of my lessons, but I never lose sight of the needs and welfare of each individual in my classroom.  At the end of the day, it is neither the pedagogy nor technology that I used by which I judge my effectiveness.  Rather, my effectiveness is measured by the degree to which I have been able to help each individual achieve success in my classroom and move toward success in life.